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Holidaze Gift Guide🎁

The Holidaze season is coming up fast and we've put together the Ultimate Stoner's Holidaze Gift Guide! Whether they're new to cannabis or a well-seasoned stoner, there's something for any and all kinds of ~cannaisseurs~.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis' Holidaze Gift Guide: A festive catalog page showcasing eggnog edibles, christmas candy cane pre-rolls, a 10 inch beaker bong, spiced apple cider, and mandarin orange beverages, as well as an irish white chocolate bar framed in a polaroid photo. All set to a white craft paper & red sparkly background

15. Everie Mint CBD Tea

What better way to warm up on a cold, wet winter day than with a nice hot cup of soothing mint tea. Made with whole-leaf peppermint and spear mint, Everie Mint CBD tea is naturally caffeine free.

You may not be able to give it a good smack, but these orange chocolates definitely give you more BANG. 70% smooth dark chocolate with a creamy orange flavor. 10mg THC per bar, scored into 4 sections for easy dosing.

A 10 inch beaker bong with a jade downstem, mouth piece, and bottom. Bong by Piranha, available at Pacific Coastal Cannabis

Who doesn't love the first toke out of a fresh, new piece? We love the simplicity and size of the 10" Piranha Beaker bong. It's small enough to be easily transported to keep you lifted wherever you go. The beaker-shaped base enhances allows for ample water filtration to cool the smoke before inhalation. This borosilicate glass Beaker comes with a down stem featuring a built-in percolator and includes a bowl piece compatible with dry herb and it'll fit a 14mm banger for concentrates.

What better way to unwind than with Steward Farms 1:1 infused bath bombs. Each bath bomb has 50mg of THC and CBD and are strain specific. Try the body melting Bubba Kush, the citrus sweet Blue Dream or the divine floral notes of Chocolate Hashberry. Toss one in the tub and feel the day melt away.

The perfect pre-roll stocking stuffer is here! Dogwalkers are great for those cold winter days when you just don't want to stay outside to smoke, or if you need to go for an after dinner "walk". BC Spiced Grape is an indica-dominate cross of Zkittlez X Atom Splitter that features an aroma that balances fruity sweetness, a little bit of spice and a touch of diesel.

Legend Candy Cane Crush White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate bars beside a cluster of candy canes surrounded by gold stars and Christmas ornaments.

Candy Cane Crush chocolate bars are the perfect blend of smooth, creamy chocolate and crisp, cooling peppermint. With 10mg of THC per bar and each bar scored into 4 sections, it makes dosing super easy. Melt them into a hot chocolate for an ~elevated~ drink, use them as stocking stuffers, or keep them for yourself!

There's just something about eggnog that makes it truly feel like the holidaze season. Back Forty Eggnog White Chocolate is 10mg of pure THC distillate in a single piece of delicious creamy white chocolate with notes of holiday spices.

We love a mandarin moment and HYTN delivered. The perfect fruity chew that balances that sweet and citrus tang. Each gummy is 5mg THC and uses proprietary Elevation Technology to provide a rapid onset.

These aren't your grandma's shortbread. These light and crumbly cookies carry a classic shortbread flavor with a THC twist. With 10mg of THC this shortbread pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

Looking for something light, refreshing, yet still festive? HYTN has you covered with their Spiced Apple Cider sparkling water. 10 mg of THC and lightly flavoured with fruit juice, HYTN uses Elevation Technology to provide rapid onset effects.

Chocolate is good, but white chocolate with a little Irish flair is next level good. Savour the smooth and creamy flavours of white chocolate combined with 10mg of THC. Another perfect chocolate to melt into a hot chocolate for an elevated warm drink.

HYTN on the list yet again, this time taking those sweet citrus flavours of mandarin and turning it into a light sparkling water. Subtle and refreshing with 10mg of THC per can, you truly can't go wrong.

3. RAD Frosted Fiji Berry Vape Cartridge

We're fanatic for Frosted Fuji Berry so it was tough to choose which one to add to the list, but ultimately the vape cartridge won (sorry infused blunts, maybe next year.) With a tropical blizzard of flavours that include sweet apple, tart nectarines, and a sweet berry exhale, it's no wonder Frosted Fuji Berry is a fan favorite.

Ginger Dawg is an aromatic roller coaster, bringing bright aromas of fresh ginger, spice, and gas, crossed with notes of sweet citrus and roasted garlic. It's a powerful and potent indica that's great for unwinding and relaxing at the end of the night.

Wrapped and Redee's are the PERFECT stocking stuffer! These10 packs come in red, green, or white boxes and are straight rolled with candy cane tips. Keep them all to yourself or spread the holidaze cheer, these pre-rolls are more than enough to "lift" your spirits.

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