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Holidaze Gift Guide Nanaimo

Trying to stay lit like a Christmas tree this Holidaze season? Check out our Gift Guide to make this year a very merry Litmas️‍🔥🔥Stock up while you can, limited quantities available once they're gone, they're gone!

Pre-Rolls are the PERFECT stocking stuffers!

Station House Holiday Variety Sampler Pack 6x0.5g

Station House has come out with 6 amazing half-gram pre-rolls all packaged together in one tasty sampler pack. Strains include:

  • Northern Lights

  • Jack Frost

  • Gingerbread Kush

  • Milk & Cookies

  • Sugar Plum Fairy

  • Christmas Tree Cake

Have a new pre-roll a day from Christmas to New Years!

Nugz Red Big Stick Infused 1.5g Pre-Roll

Red's Big Stick is coming to town! Starting with Nugz Jigglers sativa strain, whole flower is first milled to perfection and infused with strain-specific BHO and a blend of botanical terpenes. Then, 1.5g is wrapped in a hemp tube with a colourful glass mouthpiece. Finally, the entire wrap is dusted in kief.

Good Supply MONSTER The Grump Infused Pre-Roll

This holiday special by Good Supply Monsters wrapped two hall-decking strains, Monkey Glue x Sweet Berry Kush, together into a hybrid present: The Grump Monsters. Featuring 1,000mg THC in a 2.38g infused pre-roll at 42.0% THC (420mg/g), this powerful joint includes Monkey Glue milled flower infused with Sweet Berry Kush BHO that’s perfectly rolled, then coated in extract and dipped in kief. Limited-edition The Grump Monsters are sure to steal Christmas, so make sure they’re at the top of your wish list.

-Ness London Nog Infused Pre-Rolls 3x0.5g

Infused with distillate and botanical terpenes, these taster-sized infused pre-rolls are high in THC with a flavour profile that’s undoubtedly creamy, vanilla, and sweet with a sprinkle of spice.

BC Green Snowman Infused Pre-Rolls 3x0.5g

Snowman is an infused pre-roll created by mixing Tiger Cake flower, a sprinkle of Tiger Cake dry sift, and Tiger Cake diamonds to produce this extremely potent flavourful infused pre-roll. Dominant terpenes include Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene.

DUNN Double Iced Vanilla Infused Pre-Roll 1g

Ice Ice BABY! Dunn Cannabis hits the infused scene hard with the Double Iced Vanilla Infused Pre-roll. Packed with whole hybrid craft flower (Vanilla Kush x Ice Cream Cake), infused with botanical terps to pump up the rich vanilla flavour, and caked in a generous layer of kief for very strong THC potency potential, it’s a unique infused flavour that can only come from Dunn.

Good Supply JUICED Discovery Pack 3x0.5g

Discover the deliciously juicy flavours of Good Supply Infused pre-rolls, Jam-packed with fruity flavour made with distillate and botanical terpenes. Explore three juiced flavours in this fruity discovery pack and enjoy the smooth-smoking experience of Groovy Grape (Indica), Maui Mango (Sativa), and Orange Oasis (Hybrid) that packs a fruit punch of 33-38% THC.

BC Legacy Flawless Victory X Oz Kush 10x0.5g

A mixed pack of our Gastown Reserve premium tier Flawless Victory & OZ Kush Prerolls. Flawless Victory perfectly merges two legendary Bay Area cuts: Ice Cream Cake and the clone-only Cherry Cheesecake. The combination of two legendary California strains makes for a unique tasting gassy flavour with creamy undertones. Alien Labs made OZ Kush famous in California; this award-winning strain comprises the OG Eddy Lepp and the famous Zkittlez clone only cut. The flavour is sublime, and this batch was a grand slam regarding cure, burnability, and flavour.

Back Forty Pre-Rolls 10x0.35g

The consistent, even burning 0.35g machine-rolled slim joint are rolled for enhanced airflow and flavour. Available in 3 strains

  • Wedding Pie is an indica-dominant strain grown with a 2.94% total terpene content and a spicy, cracked pepper profile.

  • Mandarin Cookies is a sativa-dominate strain that provide a tangy, citrus taste with a hint of sweet nuttiness on the exhale

  • Banana OG is a sativa-dominate strain with a terpene profile that includes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

SHRED Heavies Diamond & Distillate Pre-Rolls

SHRED Heavies come in a doob tube filled with three half-gram pre-rolls, infused with distillate, diamonds, and botanical terps, adding more oomph to your sesh. The classic aromatic pre-milled SHRED you know with big flavours – now at 43%+ THC. Available in 3 flavors:

  • Gnarberry has big berry & fruit flavours

  • Tropic Thunder offers massive citrus and tropical aromas

  • Blueberry Blast delivers an aromatic and smooth blueberry and kush


Sticky Green Smashed Orange Cartridge 1g

Sticky Greens presents their new Flavour Lab - Limited Edition Series. This limited-time release brings their most unique and innovative offerings to market . The flavours are carefully crafted in lab and launch in very small batches nationwide. So, make sure to stock up on this nostalgic festive favourite with notes of citrus and chocolate.

General Admission Blinker Battery & Pods

Introducing the new generation of modern delivery systems, General Admission is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a product that’s built for portability and convenience. Perfectly tuned for the best tasting blinkers possible, this battery comes powered by a 300 mAh battery that is USB-C chargeable. PODS & BATTERIES SOLD SEPERATELY.

  • Tiger Blood 0.95g Pod Indica is bursting with aromatic watermelon, sweet strawberry, and a smooth hit of coconut

  • 5 Loco 0.95g Sativa is sweet, tart, and ready to roll, expect loud flavour. Packed with cherry and lime, it's an absolute delight for your taste buds

  • Essentials Pack 4x0.28g variety pack offers one of each: Blue Rocket (I), Mango High Chew (I), Peach Rizz (S), 5 Loco (S)

General Admission Taster Pack 2x0.5g

Tiger Blood Distillate & Peach Rizz (formerly Peach Ringz) in one package? Yes, you read that right. Bring General Admissions most popular indica and sativa flavours for a classic one, two punch. Tiger Blood is bursting with aromatic watermelon, sweet strawberry, and a smooth hit of coconut. While the Peach Rizz brings a punch of the peach orchard and candy factory directly to your tastebuds. Now you don't have to choose which of your favourites to buy!

Back Forty Tiki Tang Cartridge 1g

Take a tropical trip this winter with Tiki Tang. Back Forty's Tiki Tang is a bold, hybrid formulation packed with Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool, all working together to create a blast of sweet exotic fruit flavours with a tangy finish that hits just right.


CANN Social Blood Orange Cardamom 4pk

Blood Orange Cardamom tonic blends bubbly citrus with a herbal twist, and includes 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD in each can. Sourced from only not-from-concentrate blood orange juice from Sicily and organic agave nectar from a farm in Mexico. Bright cardamom flavour is all-natural. A bold, well-rounded delight, Blood Orange Cardamom is zesty and flavourful.

House of Terpenes Cranberry Cosmo 10mg THC

Cranberry Cosmo contains 10mg THC and has flavours of tart cranberry, lime, orange zest, and terpineol. Stir with ice, strain, pour into chilled glass and garnish with a lime twist. Available as single cans or by the case!

Solei CBD Beverage 25mg

Experience the satisfying, naturally delicious flavours of a sparkling beverage made with real fruit juice infused with 25mg of CBD. Enjoy the unique, fresh fruity flavours in a thirst-quenching beverage. With no lingering cannabis flavour, these 355ml cans are discreet, delicious, and feature just the right amount of sweetness while being a convenient way to experience non-intoxicating CBD. Cheers! Try it in Dragonfruit Watermelon, or Mango Passionfruit.

Sweet Justice Cranberry Ginger Ale

Throwin' it back to a traditional Canadian classic. Savour the zingy snap of natural ginger flavour paired with a refreshing pop of crisp and tart cranberry. Made with real ginger, cane sugar, cranberry juice, and natural flavours. Only 100 calories, caffeine-free, and infused with fast-acting 10mg THC.

THC KISS Dragon Shot

Our newest THC Kiss Shot combines our two classic shot flavours into one perfect kiss! The THC Kiss Dragon’s Kiss Tropical Flavour Shot perfectly blends mango and guava into a 30ml bottle of heavenly fruit flavours! And with a resealable pocket-friendly 30ml bottle, you can take it anywhere, have a little at a time, and go as slow as you’d like. This full-spectrum beverage delights your senses with 9-10mg of THC and an onset time as low as 10 minutes; it’s sure to be coveted with a dragon’s passion!


Legend Candy Cane Milk Chocolate Bar

Legend Candy Cane Crush Milk combines 10mg of THC with premium 46% milk chocolate and natural flavour, topped with crushed candy cane. Scored into four equal pieces, every bite is deliciously festive. The chocolate used by Legend comes from fourth-generation, Alberta-based master chocolatier. Legend uses his award-winning chocolate formulation to deliver a treat, without a sugar crash.

THC Kiss Shortbread Biscuit

THC KISS Shortbread Biscuit has 10mg of THC and carries a classic shortbread flavour that is light and crumbly to be enjoyed by those who prefer the original taste. The disc-shaped biscuit allows for an even distribution of flavour.

Legend Apple Pie Caramels

This delectable treat is a perfect combination of sweet caramel and warm apple pie – traditional autumn flavours. Enjoy the satisfying flavours of baked apples, cinnamon and buttery caramel. This smooth and creamy caramel square perfectly pairs with flavour of apple pie, giving you a truly indulgent experience. Each square comes with 5mg THC, for a total of 10mg THC per pack!

Monjour Berry Good Day CBD Gummies

Monjour’s gummies are available in 30-packs and feature a mix of blueberry, strawberry, and wild berry flavours. These gummies are each made with 20mg of CBD (isolate) and natural flavours. May contain soy.

Monjour Twilight Tranquility CBN Gummies

Every jar of Twilight Tranquility contains 125 mg of CBG, 125 mg of CBN, and 500 mg of CBD making it a cost-effective method to soothe the day away. Sugar-free and available in a large multi-pack format, Twilight Tranquility is the perfect addition to an evening wellness ritual


SHRED Rainbow Oz 28g

Available for a limited time only. SHRED introduces Rainbow Oz: the easiest way to stock up on ALL their pre-milled blends – Tropic Thunder, Gnarberry, Funk Master, and Dessert Storm. SHRED’s Rainbow Oz. is a big ol’ pouch that contains four (4) colourful 7g pouches inside, of SHRED’s best-selling blends. Four distinct and aromatic pre-milled blends, 21%+ THC in one handy 1oz. package. Problem solved.

Back Forty Apple Fritter Flower 28g

Maximize your chill with Apple Fritter, a powerful hybrid with up to 27% THC. With a mix of Caryophyllene, lots of Limonene, Humulene, Pinene, and Linalool, this strain exhibits a nice, warm and mellow apple pastry flavour. Packed in a resealable pouch to maintain freshness. Take a trip, explore the Back Forty..

BC Legacy MK Ultra 5g

MK Ultra, also known as “MKU” and “MK Ultra OG,” is a potent indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with G13. This strain produces euphoric effects that are fast-acting and best for when strong medication is desired. The plant’s short stature, and its above average yield delivers particularly sticky, dense, pungent flowers.

Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush

Pure Sunfarms’ cut of Pink Kush from BC’s Vancouver Island is a coastal relative of the legendary OG Kush. This special strain is known for its strong aromas, colourful flowers, and high-THC potential. Beneath a thick coating of trichomes, the dense and round buds feature forest green leaves, often with a purple hue, mixed with dark amber pistils. Pink Kush showcases gassy aromas of white pepper, orange, butterscotch, coffee, earth, and grapefruit. Available in 3.5g Flower, 7g Flower, 10x0.3g Pre-Rolls


Stewart Farms Bath Bomb Trio

What’s better than one bath bomb? Three bath bombs! Enjoy all three of Stewart Farms' best-selling bath bombs in a convenient triple pack this year! Featuring Bubba Kush, uplifting Blue Dream, and Chocolate Hasberry. Handcrafted with pure essential oils and moisturizing mango butter.

Stewart Farms Seaweed OG CBD Bath Salt

Let the waves of the Atlantic Ocean wash away your worries with our East Coast inspired foaming salt soak! This invigorating and moisturizing formula contains Bay of Fundy seaweed and eucalyptus essential oil, mineral-rich Dead Sea salts, and skin-hydrating tremella extract.

Wildflower CBD Relief Stick

CBD Relief Stick with 205mg of CBD, blended with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils such as arnica and wintergreen. The texture and stick applicator allow for easy and targeted topical application, while peppermint and eucalyptus result in Relief Stick’s signature lasting scent.


Grav Gandalfini Pipe

The GRAV® Gandalfini is about to be your new favorite goombah. This pipe sports a classic Sherlock profile and elongated stem in a comfy 6” size. The deep bowl burns evenly, making your flower last. Once you try this piece, you won’t be able to fuggedaboutit. Available in Cobalt & Lavender.

Twisty Stem Bubbler 9"

Twisty Stem Bubbler - 9"

This bubbler is 9-inches tall. It features two tone glass with an inline percolator at the bottom. The percolator will allow for smooth clean hits.


5mm Thick Glass

Various Colours

Inline Percolator

Two Tone Colours

Banger and Dry-Herb Bowl Included

Plain Jane Swiss Straight Rig 8"

A unique 8" piece. Stand out from the rest of the rigs with Plain Jane''s Swiss Straight Rig. A straight base with coloured accents on the top and bottom. A swiss percolator stacked on top of a disc percolator for double filtration and a domeless banger to round it all off.

8" Height,

Swiss Percolator & Disc Percolator Setup, Domeless Banger,

Available in Green, Blue, & Pink

Choice Leaf Wood Rolling Tray

The Choice Leaf wood rolling tray offers two smooth surface to roll on, 9 accessories organization sections, and a lighter holder.

Dimensions: 24.75 cm x 15.8 cm

Open Daily 9am-11pm, order online or shop in store!

Holiday Hours:

December 24th 9am-9pm

December 25th CLOSED

December 26th resuming regular hours 9am-11pm

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