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Nanaimo: Hot Arrivals🔥

This week, a hot new bombshell enters the villa.

GENERAL ADMISSION: Mango High Chew Distillate 1g Vape

All the flavour with none of the pit - Mango High Chew brings big hits of mango with a subtle creaminess on exhale that pulls you into the couch and puts you there to stay. Everything mango should be, with none of the clean up. Dominant terpenes include Myrcene, Humulene, and Beta-Caryophyllene. Try this tasty indica dominate distillate cartridge today.

GENERAL ADMISSION: Watermelon Mojito Live Resin 1g Vape

Watermelon Mojito live resin vapes bring the ultimate in flavour. This sugary indica starts with a heavy nose of watermelon and just a hint of mint, finishing off with notes of sweet cucumber on the exhale. Sweet and so fragrant that it smells like you've carved a whole patch of watermelons. Top terpenes include Alpha-Pinene, Limonene, and Beta-Caryophyllene.

NORTHBOUND: CBN Dosidos X Purple Punch 1g Vape

Northbound's high CBN formulation is an Indica dominant hybrid Dosidos X Purple Punch that focuses on terpenes with known sedative effects that create a sweet, citrus-berry and creamy aroma .This CBN Vape is formulated at MediPharm Labs GMP facility using refined CBN material and individually sourced terpenes to create a high-quality, unique product.

STEWART FARMS: Chocolate Hashberry Bath Bomb

Inspired by the cannabis cultivar, Chocolate Hashberry, this bath bomb is topped with organic rose petals and will have you falling in love with every inch of yourself! Divine notes of palmarosa, chamomile, and copaiba essential oils. Contains moisturizing cocoa butter.

FUBAR: Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls 3pk

The Fubar infused pre-roll is a premium high THC diamond infused pre-roll featuring Tom Ford Pink Kush AKA Island Pink, TFPK, or Super Pink, one of the rarest Indica-dominant strains on this planet. It has an 80% Indica/ 20% sativa blend. Micro grown on Vancouver Island from the Legacy to you.

ALTERNABLUNT: Infused Hash Blunt

Out of this world, but perfect for everywhere in it.

Hand-rolled all cannabis pre-roll. Hand-trimmed, hand-selected Hash Fruit top flower wrapped in our finest hash, finished with a reusable glass tip. Grown, processed, and packaged at a single source by a single team. No paper - No glue - just cannabis!

BC LEGACY: Sour Blueberry Live Rosin 1g Vape

BC Legacy Sour Blueberry Live Rosin 510 Thread Cartridge, Produced on Vancouver Island, this live hash rosin was made using sun-grown frozen flower, processed by ice water extraction, carefully pressed with heat and pressure and then cold cured for at least three weeks. Resulting in optimal terpene, cannabinoid, and flavonoid profiles. We believe that the sun is still better than any light bulb and that full season naturally sun-grown flowers have the most optimal terpene, cannabinoid, and flavonoid profiles. Our freezing and solventless extraction methods capture the full expression of the flower to the fullest extent possible.

HIGH QUADZ: Chatter Box 3pk Pre-Rolls

This Sativa Dominant Hybrid has strong naturally occurring terpenes, a predominantly petrol nose with tones of cream and funk creeping through. Dark Green and purple buds with a dark purple fade and large trichome caked buds. The Chatterbox is small batch and craft grown on Vancouver Island.

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