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Fresh Friday Sneak Peek 👀

Get a sneak-peek at the latest products arriving just in time for the weekend.



SHRED has reinvented the hash wheel, with the introduction of Rip-Strip Hash! An insanely impressive blueberry and kush flavoured blend is pressed into hash, and then that dark and rich hash is shaped into 10 x 0.2 g rip strips, which can then easily be added to you joint, bowl or pipe for some added potency and flavour. 2g per package with 35-40% THC.

SPINACH FEELZ: DAY TRIP Mango Kiwi THC + CBC Vape Cartridge 1g

Grab your bag, your friends, and get going! A new day’s adventure awaits with Spinach Feelz™ Mango Kiwi Haze CBC (Day Trip) 7:1 THC:CBC vape. From sun-up to sun-down, feel at ease and in tune with all the scents, sights, and sounds this glorious world has to offer. Inspired by the always refreshing and fruity Mango Haze cultivar, we’ve added our juicy kiwi flavour notes to the mix to create a one-of-a-kind vape flavour experience. THC+CBC may provide a “clear & uplifting high”, fueling the best times with friends. Feelz. The Way You Want.

DAB BODS: Berry Special Resin Infused Pre-Rolls 3pk

Deliciously juicy 3 pack of the most explosive hybrid berry strains. Take yourself straight to the bakery with our Blueberry (strain – Blueberry Haze). Enjoy a pull on our super flavourful Melonberry (strain – Watermelon Zum Zum). Or take a session off of our sweet yet fresh Strawberry Freeze (strain – Strawberry Cough). All of these amazing strains in a convenient three pack of 0.5 gram resin infused pre rolls

WEED ME: Moon Rocket Infused Pre-Roll Sativa 1g

Presenting Weed Me's Moon Rocket! Get ready for lift off because this very strong THC potency 1g pre-roll is made with premium sativa flower, painted in distillate and rolled in kief.

WEED ME: 3pk Pre-Rolls, Lemon Z & Blue Iguana

Lemon Z (sativa): Lemon Z (Lemon Zkittle Skunk) by Weed Me is a sativa-dominant flavour packed strain. It was grown indoors in small batches with minimal human involvement and was harvested by hand at it’s peak maturity. The genetics come from crossing the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez strains; giving this strain a unique sour/ citrus flavour.

Blue Iguana (indica-dominate hybrid): Blue Iguana is a hybrid cross between Double Dutch and Old Time Moonshine. With its buds resembling a large, well-fed iguana, this strain boasts a very strong THC potency potential. Though it emits a potent skunky earthy aroma, its terpene profile (Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene) contributes to its flavours of dried fruit, spice and deep musk. The cannabis is milled and then filled into light-weight paper cones with a paper mouth piece.


BZAM: Apple Bubba X Strawberry Guava Jet Pack Infused Pre-Rolls 2pk

How many fruit flavours can we load into one BZAM Jet Pack? Challenge accepted! This Jet Pack includes one half-gram, whole-flower pre-roll of Apple Bubba (Bubba Kush x Sour Apple) and one of Strawberry Guava (Strawberry Banana x Papaya), both infused with THC distillate for higher potency as well as terpenes to amplify their unique flavour notes.

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