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New Arrivals: Flower, Concentrates, and Vapes

We've got some new arrivals in store this week, two new flower strains, a new vape, infused blunt, and live resin.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis Pura Vida Legacy Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunt
Pura Vida Legacy Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunt


Pura Vida Legacy Raspberry Hippie Crippler Infused Blunts offer an extremely potent strain with a full-spectrum flavoured core. We only use the highest quality, fresh, whole flower, never shake or trim, that's been skillfully crafted and rolled with premium hemp wraps. Find sweet, tart raspberry flavours in this convieniently rolled premium blunt.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis Vortex Alaskan TF Live Resin
Vortex Alaskan TF Live Resin

VORTEX: Alaskan TF Live Resin

Alaskan TF is an exotic strain famed for its taste and favoured by connoisseurs for its high potency. We start with naturally outdoor sun-grown cannabis. Flowers are harvested at night and flash frozen before being extracted at sub zero temperatures. This creates a strong, sticky resin packed with all the rich terpenes intact. A true entourage effect generating a powerful effect. Each Live Resin is made from single source flower. Packaged in a high quality glass concentrate jar, and sealed in a child resistant bag to seal in freshness. Contains dominant terpenes such as pinene and myrcene.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis Shucanna Black Triangle
Shucanna Black Triangle

SHUCANNA: Black Triangle

30-34% THC | Indica

Long, tapered buds and long, tapering stems. Olive-green flowers, with long amber pistils, adorned with a thick, shimmering coat of frosted white trichomes. Terpene profile shows myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. Spicy aroma with citrus notes and accents of fresh vanilla and pungent earth with sweet flavours of vanilla, earth and lemony pine.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis Spinach Feelz Blackberry Kush Cartridge
Spinach Feelz Blackberry Kush Cartridge

SPINACH FEELZ: Blackberry Kush Vape

Relax and drift away with the NEW Spinach FEELZ Blackberry Kush CBN (Deep Dreamz) vape - a unique blend of THC and CBN for a mellow and dreamy high. This delicious, sweet berry-forward flavoured vape includes terpenes like linalool, terpinolene, and beta-caryophyllene. Perfect for consumption right before you say goodnight. Feelz. The Way You Want.

Pacific Coastal Cannabis WeedMe Blue Iguana
WeedMe Blue Iguana

WEEDME: Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana is a hybrid cross between Double Dutch and Old Time Moonshine. With its buds resembling a large, well-fed iguana, this strain boasts a very strong THC Potency Potential. Though it emits a potent skunky earthy aroma, its terpene profile contributes to its flavours of dried fruit, spice and deep musk.

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