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You asked, we delivered. New ounces are HERE along with a new infused blunt and CBD capsules.

pacific coastal cannabis new arrivals

Pacific coastal cannabis boxhot fatties alien og

BOXHOT FATTIES: Alien Og Infused Blunts

BOXHOT PRESENTS: Alien OG Fatties, 1g blunts infused with some of the purest cannabis distillate on the market, and the same strain-specific flavours you've come to expect from BOXHOT. Each of our Alien OG Fatties feature over 30 percent THC and 5 percent terpenes, blasting you with gas, pine and lime flavours.

SPINACH: Wedding Cake 28g

A truly sought-after delicacy, Wedding Cake is known for its dense buds and frosty trichomes and are a delight for the senses. This strain has intense sweet, fruity, earthy, and spicy flavours with just a hint of vanilla.

BIG BAG O' BUDS: Ice-Cream Cake 28g

Ice Cream Cake maintains that dank earthy sweetness every cake-lover expects from this indica-dominant, cookies-based varietal with a twist. The onset of Germacrene-B in our terps gives this cake a matcha-like quality. Expect chai spice to start, followed by sage, clove and astringent simple syrup once you break open these evergreen, trichome rich buds.

GOOD SUPPLY: Monkey Glue 28g

Get stuck with Monkey Glue. These chunky, resin-covered buds deliver pungent, earthy and sour aromas. There’s no monkeying around when it comes to this potent, sativa-dominant strain – you’ll definitely develop a bond.

FLOWR: Strawnana 3.5g

(Also available in pre-rolls)

Strawnana is a high THC, Indica-leaning Hybrid with dense light-green buds, spiked with orange and yellow hairs. BC Strawnana will have you peeling back the layers and this flavourful cultivar may provide you with a mellow high, which could be perfect for socializing


Dosecann CBD Capsules each contain 25mg of CBD / 1mg of THC, offered in a 30-capsule bottle. Capsules are made from a high potency CBD extract blend and are exclusively formulated using Ahiflower Seed Oil. Ahiflower is non-GMO, sustainably sourced, better than flax, and not produced from fish. CBD capsules are colour-coded white to ensure proper dosage and ease of use.

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